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Meet the characters from the comic!

nibbie bio copy.png

Nibbi, House None

Race: Goffren
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Orphaned after an Azim war party wrecked her village, Nibbi took to her rescuer, Ramir, with love and joined the armed forces to obtain purpose and also be close to him.  Known for her smiles and quick laughter, Nibbi quickly became popular in service and respected for her exceptional skill with a Radu longsword.

ramir bio copy.png

Ramir, House Eliazar

Race: Goffren
Sex: Male
Age: 36
One of the most recognized captains in the Goffren armed forces, Ramir was known for his serious nature that bore a warm heart.  After rescuing a child named Nibbi from a burned village during an Azim attack, Ramir took her under his wing and eventually became her commanding officer.

They frequently patrolled the Goffren border in recent days as the fighting had diminished, but Captain Ramir remained known for his faithful diligence to his duty under all circumstances.  He died attacking a pack of Azim scouts outside of the Goffren capitol city, breathing his last in Nibbi's arms but at peace with his life.

lizard bio copy.png

Zalin Ba Tresska

Race: Azim
Sex: Female
Age: 18
  One of the most revered and vicious fighters ever raised by the Azim honor militia, Zalin masks her true feelings toward her people with her combat mastery and aggressive attitude.  Betrothed to the Azim war-monger and military chief Rassk, she secretly hates him as much as she hates the Goffren who took her brother's life.  Her ultimate hope is to end the war between the races, or perish in her own way with honor.

Winnun Bio1.png


Race: Goffren     Sex: Male      Age: 72

  An elderly high priest in the temple of Aohatenno, Winnun is loved for his compassionate spirit and wise guidance.  He made a pledge to watch after Nibbi when she was brought to the capitol after being orphaned, and she grew to care for him like a grandfather.  Winnun's most frequent and fervent prayer is for reconciliation between the Azim and Goffren races, which he hopes to see come to fulfillment in his lifetime.


Rassk Ba Grenga

Race: Azim Sex: Male Age: 29

The most violently radical military commander the Azim have known in a hundred years, Rassk tires of the standstill reached in the war with the Goffren and seeks to end his foes for good. He lusts after Zalin Ba Tresska, one of his best students, and demands they be wed so that he might add her to his harem. Little does he suspect her unbridled hatred of him and his cause that he champions for the Azim war machine.


Belian, House Lapuhar

Race: Goffren Sex: Female Age: 7

Little Belian has few worries other than the fact that she cares more about playing than doing her school assignments, but she knows of the perils of the world and the war between her people and the Azim. She idolizes the soldier Nibbi and would like nothing more than to find a way to adopt the orphaned fighter into her family.